November 14, 2017 Melvin Sokolsky


Daylight slowly transitions to night.

I am walking down a busy street of fancy boutiques and restaurants that slowly light the street.

I am struck by the faces that are being lit by smartphones. It seems that everyone it texting as they walk along. As if by radar they avoid bumping into each other. I slow down to observe the lit up faces expressing instant joy and satisfaction. Two young women stop at a fancy clothing shop window and expertly snuggle against each other to take a selfie. As if professional models, they pose through a routine that amuses and at once, obviously could not taken place before 2007. It seems everyone is recording their trip through life, in abject joy, and occasionally anger.

I am sure that all of you have witnessed the scene I am describing. It occurs to me that the communication tools are better than ever. The smartphone is more sophisticated than the computer that sent Neil Armstrong to the moon, not to mention that it takes better pictures. Sorry Hasselblad!

In the movie Barry Lyndon, it cost Stanley Kubrick over half a million dollars to shoot in candle light. Today any non-photographer smartphone can shoot a candle light picture and send it to anywhere on the planet.

I guess all of you are wondering where I am going to take my diatribe about the smartphone and how it is going to effect the world of photography.

I am going to post on social media my views of the positive and negative effects this new phenomena and how it will affect photography and most importantly imagination.